Sometimes, it seems like everybody has pithy rules or aphorisms to describe their company's philosophy.

While catchy and useful in fawning industry magazine profiles, most of these never seemed to be especially useful, or groundbreaking; at best, they seemed obvious to the point of ridiculousness. If your company has to remind people to "think" (different, or at all), or not to be evil, or to put quality as "job one," what were the employees doing before the reminder?

We think it's obvious that a company should always be thinking, should always be focused on quality, and should not be immoral and malevolent, as a general rule. Our corporate philosophy has less to do with the obvious, and more to do with what our founders, and our employees, value in their professional lives.

We are going to devote time, energy, and emotional investment we want "here" to be something we can believe in.

Often companies are hamstrung by conflicting priorities. Evince Analytics makes a specific effort to lay out what the priorities are for our company and for our individual employees:

  1. Customer Mission
  2. Employee Well-Being
  3. The Company
  4. Everything Else

It seems simple, but it's a commitment few are willing to make.

These principles are not just what we stand for, they define the kind of company in which we ourselves want to work. They define the kind of company we think our customers respect. They define our commitment to quality and to community.

This is more than just how we earn money to make a living. This is where we spend the majority of our waking lives. This is where we put our education and experience, our pride and our professional aspirations, to the test.