Data is the cornerstone.

We understand that there's no one-size-fits-all solution to analytical problems--and how could there be? Every investigation begins with unique data sets, often from multiple sources with divergent schema. Sometimes it's quantitive data, sometimes qualitative, sometimes both; sometimes there's a time series element at play; sometimes there are multiple languages and alphabets. Collecting, organizing, reconciling, and preparing a data set for analysis is the essential, unsexy groundwork that can't be ignored, can't be automated, and can't be genericized across every task.

Listen to what the data is trying to say.

We can take unstructured data and generate visualizations of relationships, sentiments, co-occurences, and other correlations that point us in interesting analytical directions. We can start from structured data and build interactive dashboards, charts, maps, graphs, network diagrams, and tables to show the most interesting areas in the data set.

Tell the story in the most effective way.

Just as you wouldn't serve a gourmet meal on a dirty plate, or wrap a wedding gift in newsprint, you wouldn't want your keenest insights presented to an audience in a subpar format. We take pride in delivering our findings in a manner that emphasizes the key findings, explains complex concepts succinctly and clearly, and tells the story of the investigation in a way that honors the data and the analysis. Our team includes editors, authors, data visualization experts, graphic designers, and software developers, all of whom work in concert to create a coherent and aesthetically appealing final product for each individual investigation.