Like any reasonable company, Evince Analytics makes every effort to find and hire the "right" people...and we think we are pretty successful at it. Our professional staff is composed of bright, curious, creative, and motivated individuals. To a person, they have multidisciplinary skills and the desire to constantly learn and improve.

Aptitude and eagerness are only part of the equation.

We all commit a significant portion of our waking lives to our work, and we want to be as happy as possible while we are there. That means having a zero-tolerance policy for jerks. That means trusting in each other to be unfailingly mutually supportive. And that means being able to be utterly serious about the critically important work we do, while still maintaining a healthy perspective on its role in our lives.

Simply put, our employees genuinely enjoy both their work and their colleagues.

We have found that the best way to meet the needs of our customers, our employees, and our company is by providing talented people a collegial, relaxed, motivational environment in which to excel.