Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Tom Codella's career includes service in the U.S. Armed Forces, management of software development and systems engineering programs, direct involvement in multiple entrepreneurial endeavors, and leadership of groundbreaking data analysis and visualization research concerns.

Upon receiving his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University in 1984, Tom served for four years as an active duty officer in the United States Air Force, rising to the rank of Captain. After his term of active duty, he then moved to the Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, where he managed software development for space shuttle atmospheric experiments. In 1992, Tom joined the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C., where he continually gained experience and larger responsibilities as a software development manager.

Tom's focus is on business development and the overall vision of the company.

In 1999, Tom co-founded and served as VP and CTO of Applied Predictive Technologies, which continues to provide analytics for commercial enterprises worldwide. After APT, he founded Tranquility Base, Inc., an engineering services company. Subsequently, Tom joined TASC, in Chantilly, Virginia, where he pioneered the development of visual analytics as applied to national level intelligence problems.

Tom completed his Juris Doctor at Concord Law School, in Los Angeles, in 2009, and subsequently passed the California State Bar Exam. He also has done postgraduate research in Aerospace at MIT and Psychology Studies at Harvard University. He is a member of IEEE and the California Bar Association.

Tom is married with four children, and lives in Northern Virginia. He is active in martial arts, is an avid singer and bassist, and is involved in local public schools. He annually serves as a judge at local and regional science fairs, and is a nationally rated karate referee.

Michael BRINN

Founder | Chief Operating Officer

Michael Brinn has always been fascinated with the way things work. In more than a decade of support to government customers, he has: designed and developed systems engineering analyses and advanced modeling and simulation; designed and assembled autonomous aerial vehicles; performed systems engineering, integration, and analysis of satellite communications programs, and performed visualization analysis of complex data sets. From the hands-on to the theoretical, Michael is able to combine his curiosity, logic, and engineering skills to successfully address complicated challenges in a wide variety of disciplines.

Michael's focus is on technical innovation and methodological development.

He constantly strives to refine the company's analytic processes, to expand the breadth and sophistication of Evince's capabilities, and to incorporate--or develop--new systems and tools in support of the pursuit of data-derived knowledge. His commitment to the discipline of data analysis and to meeting the current and future needs of Evince Analytics' customers make him a role model for the entire company to follow.

Before co-founding Evince Analytics, Michael worked for TASC, Inc., in Chantilly Virginia. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems and Information Engineering from the University of Virginia. In 2009, Michael received a Juris Doctor degree from Concord Law School in Los Angeles, and subsequently passed the California State Bar Exam.

Michael makes his home in Northern Virginia with his wife, two sons, a daughter, and an enormous dog. He enjoys international travel with his family, and is a fan of both world and American football. He spends his fleeting moments of free time wishing he could play the drums that are currently accumulating dust in his basement.