Crime in the Nation's Capital

The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department releases public data on major crimes within the city. We created a dashboard to analyze trends within that data. 

Click the screenshot above to get to the dashboard, or follow this link.

While you're there, click on anything to filter the data, or hover your mouse over something to see how your current filters are changing what's displayed. Zoom in and out on the map, or select one or more locations to see what crime is taking place there. Or, use the additional filters in the top left to look at individual years, city quadrants, or streets.

One more tip: if you hover over the "1st" in the District > PSA window, you'll see a little plus sign appear. Click that to view the data broken down to an additional level of detail.  Likewise, you can modify the Timeline window to show all the events by year, quarter, month, or individual day. 

See what patterns you can find in the noise.


Mike Cisneros is on Twitter at @mikevizneros.